The cottage complex “Narochanskii Ujut” is located in on of the most picturesque areas of Belarus - The Naroch Lake.

From old times, the Naroch area has attracted lovers of nature, hunting & fishing and general explorers with its beauty and natural gratuity.

Naroch is the largest natural lake in Belarus. It’s area is 79.6 sqKm and maximum depth is 24.5m and it is located 165m above sea level. The beaches are a combination are mainly sandy but also have areas of sandy clay and some sections that are swamp. It is included in the Naroch group of lakes and is considered a desired resort area. The fauna of the lake has 25 species of fish, including the yellow pike, eel, tench, burbot, white bream, Amur carp, whitefish and others.

It can certainly be said, that the lake Naroch is placed first in the whole of Belarus in cleanliness and clear water. The lake bed is covered in sand, pebbles, boulders and has a visibility of 7m, sometimes up to 9m. The transparency of water, penetrating through the sun's rays, contributes to the development of aquatic plants. They spread to a depth of 7–8 m, forming dense underwater meadows on the surface of the littoral.

The secret histories of this land are kept in the preserved majestic temples, dilapidated fortifications, traces of military battles and colorful architectural designs.

The Naroch region is always associated with the quiet rustle of the pine forest and the gentle splash of waves of the unique ‘pearl of the nature’ of Belarus - Lake Naroch. The picturesque nature of this lake, beautiful forests, mild climate led to the creation on the banks of the Naroch a large recreational center - the only resort in our republic with sanatoriums, boarding houses, children's camps and camp sites. The comfortable period for rest lasts about 240 days, and the swimming season lasts for about 100 days. The Naroch area is famous for its mineral waters. Numerous monuments of architecture, culture and history, as well as unique natural objects in the region contributed to the creation of a network of excursion routes for holidaymakers.

But, in fact, no statistics and laudable offers can convey the really very pleasant, light atmosphere that prevails in the park "Narochansky" and the complex of cottages "Narochansky Uyut". In order to feel it - you need to come here. In this place you are always welcome!